Monday, February 01, 2021

Sequestered (XLV)

Have I really been sequestered for forty-five weeks? What would once have been considered unusual, unthinkable and impossible is now ordinary, commonplace, even comforting.

Heaps of books, candles, potions, puckish pursuits and small eccentricities are the measure of our days.  Ditto sketchbooks, baking, baskets of mending, researching oddities like building igloos and straw houses, pottery, spinning, making pasta and keto bread.

It is tempting to give into the notion that life has become smaller, but that is not so. Like our magnificent universe, like the Great Round of time and the seasons, life continues to expand - we are simply reaching outward in different ways.


Barbara Rogers said...

Good morning to you Kate. I wish you many smiles today, as Brigit is celebrated in the old ways...she of the smithy, hearth and healing...and poetry! This is the first of Feb. and just another step of our great blue ball circling slowly through the heavens.

Mystic Meandering said...

Wow - beautiful... You have become like a "monkess" in your own little monastery :) You have endured so well - embracing it all. You are a strong woman! Not contracted by what is - but expanded... so profound...