Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

What humans have learned about our world and ourselves is no doubt dwarfed by what we don't yet know, and may never know. Still, it's amazing that a short-lived creature on a dust-mote planet, circling an ordinary star near the edge of one among billions of galaxies, has managed to decipher so much about the workings of the universe. And the more we decipher, the more we realize that everything is connected to everything else, near and distant, living and nonliving, as mystics have long testified.

The connectedness, this grand communion, is what I have come to think of as soul -- not my soul, as if I were a being apart, but the soul of Being itself, the whole of things.

Scott Russell Sanders, The Way of the Imagination

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Mystic Meandering said...

Very nice! "The soul of Being itself." Indeed... We've been watching a documentary TV series called "How the Universe Works", released in 2012. Absolutely amazing! I love this stuff :) We just finished watching a series called "Cosmos" (not the original narrated by Sagan) by Neil De Grace-Tyson, released in 2014. Just can't get enough of the Cosmos :) Really puts things into perspective. There is so much more going on out there!

Love your photo - like seeing through the eye of the Universe :)