Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Turning, turning, turning...

Yesterday, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued by Environment Canada for the area, and at one point, the government agency's warning was upgraded to a tornado warning. Dense dark clouds covered the sky from horizon to horizon, and high winds pummeled the village. At six o’clock, it was as black as midnight here, and there were rumors of hail, of projectiles as big as golf balls.

We villagers went into tornado mode, scurrying about, latching our windows and unplugging electronics, closing gates, checking drains and covering gardens. Beau and I battened down the tribal hatches, made ourselves comfortable and scanned the horizon for signs of an impending twister.

Torrential rains battered the village for a while, but there was no hail. Within a few minutes, the intense storm system had moved on, the "big blow” was all over, and there was sunshine. We plugged everything in again and carried on.

This morning, skies are brilliantly blue and cloudless, and the sunlight is dazzling. Downed branches, leaves and acorns littered our trail as we wandered along on the first jaunt of the day, and puddles filled with sky were everywhere. Streams in the park were overflowing after the storm, and tall thickets of orange jewelweed  ('touch-me-not') on their banks are just coming into bloom.

Wonder of wonders, one of the maple sisters in the park is starting to turn.


Mystic Meandering said...

Nice metaphor for our times... The "darkness" blows through and "leaves" behind beauty... :)

The Furry Gnome said...

Not already!