Friday, May 08, 2020

Friday Ramble - Purple

My soulmate's favorite spring flowers were the violets in our garden, and they were his mother Nan's favorite too. Every year, he waited for them to bloom and feasted his eyes on them when they opened. He would bend and inhale their delicate fragrance, then smile up at me and say they were for love.

When I discovered our violets were flowering this week, I sat on the steps nearby and cried for quite a while. Beau curled as closely against me as he could, speaking softly and trying to comfort me as he always does at such times.

And so it goes... Our violets were just being violets and doing what they are meant to do, but they felt like a message from my soulmate, like a smile, a loving look. There may be snow today, and their days are numbered, but oh, how they bloom in their brief appointed time. Violets are for love, and love goes on.


Pienosole said...


Barbara Rogers said...

Shared beauty is also one of the eternals...those glances and smiles that stay in our hearts minds.

Mystic Meandering said...

Indeed, a loving message... [our] days are numbered here too, but the love lasts into eternity... Blessings of healing love for your heart... 💜