Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday Poem - Bio

I am a leaf-dance in the woods.
I am the green gaze of the ocean.
I am a cloud-splitter in the sky.
I arrived robed in red
out of nowhere and nothing.
I whisper between pages.
I disappear in the painting.
I rest between musical notes.
I awaken among strangers
in a country I never imagined.
I am timbales and bells,
a parade under your window.
I am the riddle I cannot solve,
hands on the clock's face,
seven crows on a branch.
I am the one whose footfall
changes the pattern of stars.

Dolores Stewart from The Nature of Things

(This lovely poem is perfect for the week of Beltane, and it is reprinted with the late poet's permission. Dolores was my friend, and I miss her.)


Barbara Rogers said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing the poem, as well as speaking of your friendship.

Tabor said...

"whose footfall changes the pattern of the stars" That is something to think about.

Marsha said...

This poem in wonderful. Thank you for publishing it here.