Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

By telling the holy, we acknowledge that life is a gift. In fact, the whole universe is a gift. From where or what, and why, we cannot know. All we do know is that it issues forth, moment by moment, eon by eon, ever fresh, astounding in its richness and beauty. None of this is to gainsay the pain, the suffering, the eventual death that awaits all created things. But we measure that pain and suffering, we mourn that death against the sheer exuberant flow of things.

Scott Russell Sanders


Barbara Rogers said...

I guess the sheer exuberance of things is always there, while the pain and suffering from loss seems to come in least in my senses of things. And aren't they perhaps the opposite sides of the same coin...experiencing this life?

Tabor said...

Some days feeling like the backboard in a basketball court.