Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Toing and Froing Along

Temperatures rise, and temperatures fall, snow comes, and snow goes. Icicles dangling from the roof melt and shatter, then form again, chiming like bells as they move through their life cycles. I never know what to wear these days when rambling with Beau, a parka, a light anorak or a raincoat. A few days ago, we wandered for miles in light clobber with nary a scrap of ice in sight, and this morning it is bitterly cold again, ice under every frill of snow.

According to today's forecast, we are headed for another storm with several inches of snow and downpourings of freezing rain at times. High winds and minimal visibility are also in the cards. Drains are still frozen, and there will be lagoons out in the street wide enough and deep enough to float a canoe. Might I hope for a light atmospheric fog now and then? Probably not.

What to do on such a day? All the necessary stuff will be done while the storm rages, and that is certain. Bread, molasses cookies and a cauldron of soup are also being considered, but huddling in a comfortable corner with a big mug of coffee, a good book in my hand and a shawl or three seems like a plan.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

so pleased to be able to read
your welcome and comforting words
once again.

in the 50,s in my garden

Barbara Rogers said...

Weather does seem predominate in our llives these days. Here it's a welcome diversion from politics. I'm going back to the pottery studio today, after getting new glasses lenses...and will think of you having the storm which won't hit us till maybe Thursday with snow possible.

Mystic Meandering said...

We are getting more snow this Feb than ever before, after a very dry December and January. They are predicting another storm coming in Weds into Thursday. I'll be huddling in my comfortable chair with a few books, my journal book, and my warm cape wrapped around me we well :) Days spent quietly and easily... ahhhh

Tabor said...

As always you are the cozy corner for respite.