Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Coming to Light

Weariness of the long white season and its gelid trappings notwithstanding, occasionally there are surprises. Now and then, something poignant and engaging appears in the midst of our endless shoveling, heaving and scraping. Whatever it is, it grabs our attention and stops us right in our tracks, a tiny discarded running shoe, a pine cone, a tattered swath of ribbon, frozen weeds.

Pleasing bits of gnarly plant magic poking their heads out of the snow are unexpected, and they are always delightful to see. Withered and desiccated remnants of last summer, they're powerful reminders of its warmth and light, its glorious coloration and fragrance, and they awaken something within.

The dried fronds, wands and seed heads coming back into the light of day have curving, sinuous shapes and just a hint of the vibrant hues they once wore, and they are signs that winter is "getting old". We perch in towering snowdrifts, think about springtime and nesting owls, of maple syrup gathering, snowdrops and songbirds. We (season and humans) rattle and creak and carry on.

Perceptions totter, wither, fade and take on strange shapes in late winter, and we need reminders of the earth's own magic and capacity for infinite change, in this case a strand of last summer's common tansy with flowing arty curves against a background of deep blue snow.


Barbara Rogers said...

As ever, thanks for sharing your snowy views. Here its more grey rainy days...and much too hot to even think it's winter...several days in 60s. I'm glad to see winter the way it "should look."

Tabor said...

I actually envy your winter. We are getting none this year. My Achillea are blooming!!

Kiki said...

Catherine, I’m always astonished anew by the power of your words, being a real ‘sucker’ for great English. Then, as the cherry on the cake, you throw in photos so stunning, surprising, achingly beautiful that I forget to breathe. You are a daily renewable wonder - thank you. I’m thinking of you and hope that sharing these bits of your day help you dealing with your great loss. Have a hug!