Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A Little Thaw in January

The late winter thaw lasts for only a few days in eastern Ontario. While it lasts, we take photos with cameras and cell phones, send texts to friends, write seasonal haiku and gaze out the window for hours on end. We wax euphoric about the light and lurch about with dazed expressions, dreaming about spring things like snowdrops and crocuses, confetti-colored rain boots, slickers and umbrellas

On the other hand, we also have to think about things like clearing melting ice from walkways, listening for for the sound of water in our basements and garages. As I write this, there is an pool of meltwater out in the street wide enough and deep enough to launch a seagoing vessel and paddle most of the way to China. Plop, plop, is that the sound of dripping water coming from downstairs?

Small tributaries in the highlands run free for a brief interval, taking on the color and texture of quicksilver.  On sunny days, the liberated streams sing like birds, and they are filled with buttery light, wispy clouds and breathtaking blue sky.

This week, we can almost hear springtime breathing softly around the bend, but it is wishful thinking on our part. Alas, we (and Lady Spring) have a long way to go. If only we could keep this glorious light for a little longer.


Barbara Rogers said...

Oh my, melting snow, less ice! I remember experiencing that, but we haven't had it (yet) this year. Just lots of cold rain which makes joints (arthritis for a lot of us) hurt and breathing difficult. Today the sun is out on our grey mountains, though it's still cold.

Tabor said...

I have never seen a snow melt like that. The icey edge is lovely.

Mystic Meandering said...

The ice edges look like lace! They could be little snow doilies :)