Friday, November 08, 2019

Friday Ramble - Fourteen Years On

On Sunday morning, clocks in the little blue house in the village turned back an hour, and Daylight Saving Time waved goodbye until next year. The departure of DST also marked fourteen years of pottering about in cyberspace, fourteen years of logging on in the morning, posting an image or two (occasionally three), sometimes muttering along for a few paragraphs, once in a while spilling coffee on the keyboard. There are times when I can't believe I had the audacity to set this "book of days" up in the first place, let alone do the blogging thing faithfully for fourteen years in a row. There are other times when I look at stuff I posted here years ago and am absolutely appalled. Yuck.

These are my morning or artist pages, and chances are they will remain pretty much as they are in the coming year. There may be a bit of font and banner tinkering now and again, but that is all. I don't foresee any significant changes to this place, and I expect life will simply go on as it has been doing so far.

We three will meander along at our own pace, watching morning fogs enfold the eastern Ontario highlands and oak leaves rain like honey in the autumn woods, feasting our eyes on skies alight with winter stars, on the sun going down like a ball of fire over Dalhousie Lake on the trailing edge of the year.

It has been two years since my friends, Penny and Dolores, passed beyond the fields we know, and our sweet Spencer crossed the rainbow bridge the same year. I think of all three every day, and I still miss them. It is Beau who wanders along with us now, and our boy is a wonderful companion, a treasure.

Big big life stuff (the ongoing health issues) notwithstanding, it's grand to be here and all wrapped up in what we call simply, "the Great Round".  Some days are easier than others, but every morning, the small adventures of our journeying will continue to make their way here and get spilled out on the computer screen with a bad photo and a whole rucksack of wonder. Mary Oliver says it best:

The years to come – this is a promise –
will grant you ample time

to try the difficult steps in the empire of thought
where you seek for the shining proofs you think you must have.

But nothing you ever understand will be sweeter, or more binding,
than this deep affinity between your eyes and the world.
(excerpt from Terns)

In another poem called It Was Early, she wrote that sometimes one needs only to stand wherever she is to be blessed, and that is something I try to keep in mind as I totter about in the village and the Lanark highlands. Thank you for your kind thoughts and healing energies, your comments and cards and letters, for journeying along with me this year. You are treasured more than you know, and if my fingers were working, I would write each and every one of you.


Pienosole said...

And thank you for the years of beautiful, inspiring, and awesome (in the original sense of the word) posts and photos. 🙏🏻💗

Dee said...

I look forward to your ramblings every morning. Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures and words that so perfectly capture the turnings of this little blue ball in the cosmos.

Tabor said...

We all get by on a wing and a prayer.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Thank you for every morning blessings.

Mystic Meandering said...

"Big big life stuff" - indeed. For me as well with Mom dying this year, me turning 70 (OMG -really?) and my own chronic health issues as my body ages... I read your "ramblings" every morning as well... and they give me inspiration to keep going - to keep walking my own "woods" (life)... Thank you...

Debbie said...

Warmest congratulations and Happy Anniversary, too!

Happy Dances and Twirls are being danced and twirled in your honor, dearest.

Smiling warmly as I remember when you began this lovely book of days and I couldn't be more delighted to come over and see what all you have been up to.

Sending much love your way... today and everyday!

Love you,
Debbie Grace
who is still trustin'

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

first I read early every morning
always a blessing
never stop
love you E

Lori said...

I so appreciate your inspiring and uplifting site..and you. We are strangers, but you have enriched my day and life. Thank you!

Barbara Rogers said...

I don't know how many years I've ready your blog almost every morning,and made many short comments. And today I was too rushed to do so, and am at the end of the day instead...still appreciating all you say. Congrats on 14 years. You have given a lot and I am grateful.

thelma said...

Happy Anniversary. Your writing and photographs are always enchanting and thoughtful.

Cindy R said...

Your words and photos are my every morning heart and spirit medicine, and have been for many years. A deep bow of gratitude.

winter_bloom said...

Your blog has been a blessing to me. I'm so glad you're here.

Beth Owl's Daughter said...

Bless you. Bless you. So much gratitude for this lovely time out of time you offer so faithfully, and its deep magic that heals and inspires me every day.

You are a treasure in my life. Thank you for every single moment.

thymia10 said...

I have loved looking at your blog for some 5 years or so now and remembering happy times with my husband visiting Canada (he's now gone). Yours is a unique site and I treasure many things you've posted, from books you were reading (David Abram) to poems (David Whyte) to references to your friend Dolores and her books, and of course the dogs. Thank you so much for sharing with us!