Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Early September Mornings

How splendid these early September mornings are, goldenrod and old stone walls, fog and guardian trees. Nearby, a flock of wild turkeys is grazing in the murk and gobbling contentedly as they wander around in the stubble.

The goldenrod in the foreground is festooned with spider webs, and some strands are several feet long. Every diaphanous thread is beaded with dew and glistening in the early light. There's a light breeze blowing, an astringent, dusty fragrance that only graces the air on early autumn mornings.

Really, the images don't need this old hen and her clumsy, inadequate words at all. They communicate perfectly, all on their own.


Barbara Rogers said...

Yes they do, but without your words, describing poetically each detail, I would have missed knowing about the spider webs, and the fineness of your beautiful shot. You, as observer, then me as observer and reader, are necessary for this event.

Tabor said...

I agree with Barbara. Your words add the perfect dimension.

Mystic Meandering said...

Splendiferous! :) Yes, the photos are splendiferous, but your words set the tone for *how* we see, filling in the details... making me feel like I was right there... :)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Was not home yesterday to read your magnificent words. So talented you are.