Thursday, December 20, 2018

Thursday Poem - At the Winter Solstice

Owl hoots three times in the far woods,
fair warning for all small creatures
scurrying to their burrows.

Are we not still and always
those crouching figures
who flee the heavenly alchemy?
Three times in the crackling air,
Owl hoots for us.

Wind plays the drums of snow...
staccato taps,
crescendo off the roofs,
flourish of shuddering branches.
Ice snaps its castanets,
its daggers.

Atonal music of the darkest days
needs the most fearless,
subtle listeners.

Those strumming flamenco
fingers of sunlight
are a long time away from now.

Now we go comforted
in dreams and ceremonies,
flaming our star-speck candles,
raising our voices against that other music,
drowning out the forever
at night’s heart.

Look up! The wheel is turning.
The spectacular crowd of stars,
the tangle of dimensions
jostle for our attention.
Salute the birth of everything holy.

Dolores Stewart (Riccio)

Let the bells ring out, and the games begin. From this hallowed moment onward, we will gain a minute or two of precious sunlight every day until the Summer Solstice on June 21. On this day, we celebrate the triumphant return of old Helios, the ascendance of light in the fertile darkness of winter.

This morning's offering was written by the late Dolores Stewart (Riccio) and published in her exquisite Doors to the Universe. It is posted here with her kind permission. She was my friend, and I miss her. Yule was one of her favorite celebrations in the whole turning year.

Merry Yule everyone!


Barbara Rogers said...

Happy Solstice to you and your loved ones! Barb

Unknown said...

Love this! The winter solstice celebrated with a full moon...What could be more beautiful!?