Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

The true language of these worlds opens from the heart of a story that is being shared between species. For us to be restored to the fabric of this Earth, we are bidden to enter this tale once again through its many modes of telling, to listen through the ears of others to the mystery of creation, with its continually changing patterns, and to take part once again in the integral weave of the narrative. Might we not hear our true names if we learn to listen through the ears of Others? Through language, one can exchange one's self with other beings and in this way establish an ever-widening circle of existence.
Joan Halifax, The Fruitful Darkness

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Marsha said...

I am living in haze and looking through haze (California fires), and the first time I looked at this image I couldn't figure it out, even after studying it. I am glad I chose to try again, when I saw and appreciated it immediately.