Monday, October 08, 2018


This is Thanksgiving Day in Canada, and preparations for a festive dinner are already underway.

There is a free range turkey ready to go in the oven, cranberry sauce made with berries from a local bog and maple syrup, stuffing made with our own bread, a potato souffle, gravy, salad and all the trimmings. a fresh raspberry pie for dessert with homemade gelato. Will there be leftovers? Probably not....

If you live above the 49th parallel, Happy Thanksgiving. If not, come celebrate with us anyway - there is plenty of room around the old oak dining table, and there are lots of (mismatched but comfortable) chairs.

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Barbara Rogers said...

Just wanted to share my thanks. I'm truly grateful for having shared your bog over the years. Have a great thanksgiving, feast on that wonderful sounding food. We've got a month to wait for ours...but I feel full of gratitude every day.