Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Earth and Sky and Lake Together

The water is still, and trees along the far shore cloaked in drifting fog that billows and swirls as though stirred by a vast, benign and blessing hand. Earth and water are warmer than the air, and the meeting of the three elements spins a pearly veil over everything in sight. Sunlight or autumn rain - either will disperse the fog, but there is rain in the cards for today, and clouds are already moving in. It will most likely be rain that lifts the veil.

Thanks to cold nights, frost and the scouring north wind, the countryside is morphing into its early winter configuration. There is still a wealth of color in the eastern Ontario highlands, but here and there, trees are bare on their slopes, and fallen leaves lie ankle deep in the woods. Just out of sight in this photo, an old hawthorn has lost its leaves entirely and wears only a few frosted berries.

Also unseen is the scribe in wellies and warm jacket, carrying her blackthorn walking stick, a camera, lenses, pen and field notebook. Her collar is turned up against the wind, and she is wearing gloves. In one of her pockets is a flask of Darjeeling tea, and in another, biscuits for her companion, Beau. She can't wander as far as she used to, but wander she does, every chance she gets.

Caught up in the fey ambiance of the scene before her, she thinks it would be even more magical with sunlight filtering through the lacy golden tamaracks on the other side of the lake and radiating through the fog to create voluminous shadows on the water. For all that, she is at peace and contented with what she sees. She was feeling rather lost when she got here, and in truth, she is still feeling a little lost, but paradoxically, she is also feeling at home.


Barbara Rogers said...

Where the 3 elements meet, wind, water and earth...of course you are at home. Glad you got out wandering! There's always a new and beautiful picture just around the bend.

Michaela said...

Once again you have gifted us a wondrous photo and inspiring words. I just want to say how much I appreciate these gifts! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful. I see you there.

Anonymous said...

This is such a beautiful moment. I love it and what you write here. Truly lovely.

Debbie said...

Especially enjoyed your photo and words... felt like I was right there beside you. And that? That is a very good and much welcomed feeling indeed.

Love you, dearest Cate!