Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tornados and Small Craft Warnings

Sorry to be so late in posting this. The village has been without power and communications since yesterday afternoon when a tornado reduced wide swaths of the area to rubble and sticks.  Homes were shredded, trees downed, telephone poles snapped like twigs, hydro towers picked up and tossed on their sides as if they were made of paper.

Life is slowly returning to normal. We are fine, and the little blue house weathered the storm, but it will be some time until some of us even have homes again. The way villagers are supporting each other through everything is amazing.

Beyond the Fields We Know will return at the usual time tomorrow morning. For now, I just want to hug my teapot and inhale several mugs of Earl Grey.


Mystic Meandering said...

Oh my goodness. So sorry to hear about this. Glad you weathered the storm... Wondering if this tornado was spawned off the terrible hurricane that hit the east coast in the US this past week - leaving 100's if not 1000's homeless. It created tornadoes here as well. Wasn't watching to see how far north it went beyond New England... All the best to everyone!

Dee said...

Oh my, I'm glad you're safe. Many wishes for safety and rebuilding in your community!

Debbie said...

Oh no!! Sending love and warm thoughts from here.