Thursday, July 05, 2018

Thursday Poem - At Dawn

a waning moon floats high in the cloudless
blue and blesses a perfect summer day,
one that will never come again in all
its sweetness and its fey perfume.

slow walkers in the early hours, we go along
together, paw and paw, through fragrant
summer yieldings of clover, grass and golden
daisies, accompanied by rhyming crickets,
by humming bees and dancing leaves

while around us, unseen but deeply felt
and loved, the world is breathing in and
out, all our voices falling together into
seamless light and tune and time.

Cate (me)


Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, paw and paw, voices seamless...yes yes yes! You have captured my gratitude this morning.

Tabor said...

My black eyed Susans are way behind yours?? How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

How Beautiful! The photo and the words.

Shell said...

I love your original poem.

Kiki said...

Cate, this is simply wonderful. I do miss having rudbeckias. They are so lovely, they are ‘thankful’ to have in one’s garden but sadly, they are not available where I live in France. Another ‘good item’ to look forward to if ever I should be able to live again in Switzerland!
Thank you for this morning joy :)

christinalfrutiger said...

What s beautiful poem to go along with that beautiful photo! Wow! Your black eyed Susan is blooming early! What is that little blue plant surrounding it?

Maggie Emm said...

Beautiful - a perfect evocation of summer, and what a summer we are having in the UK! So glad you are still out there and reporting back from this world of beauty. Love to you x

kerrdelune said...

Christina, the blue "stuff" is Voper's Bugloss, very prickly but bumbles love it.

Debbie said...

So beautiful, Cate! <3