Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Summoning Spring Within

She waits for temperatures to rise, for snow in the garden to melt and reveal the rich dark earth of her outdoor sanctuary.  She waits for sunlight to warm the quiet southern alcoves where snowdrops, hyacinths, daffodils, crocus and tulips make their homes, waiting patiently underground to rise up and bloom in all the colors of the rainbow.

She waits for the great geese to come home and fill the northern skies with their songs of returning, for the eastern Ontario highlands to come to life, wildflowers carpeting the woodland and old hills wherever she walks (or rather lurches). She dreams of Bloodroot flowering in the eastern Ontario highlands.

Enough already... On a snowy morning in late March, she just has to do something.  Off to a nearby market she goes, returning home with hyacinths in intense, bluey purples, tulips in flaming orange, apricot and bright pink.

From their place in a sunny south facing window, the blooms fill the little blue house with extravagant color and heady perfume.   If only she could share their color and fragrance with you this morning. Absolutely sumptuous. The whole house smells like springtime, and who cares about snow?


Tabor said...

Great way to solve the problem!!

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh I did take a deep breath, hoping hyacynths could breeze through the internet. A neighbor actually has some by her front door, which have weathered 2 snows since they bloomed. If they're still there, today I'll go give them a sniff. So glad you brought spring to you!