Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Of Fog and Things Unseen

On the other side of the windows this morning is drifting fog and a row of skeletal trees doing their best to put out leaves, catkins and flowers. This is turning out to be a late springtime, and they have a way to go.

The air is warmer than the earth below it, and the meeting of the two makes everything translucent and magical. Somewhere in the early morning haze is a robin calling for rain, a woodpecker (probably a pileated from the volume of the hammering) driving its beak into one of the old maples. Now and again, he (or possibly she) pauses, takes a few deep breaths and gives a wild unfettered laugh that carries for quite a distance in the murk. Even a bird in the fog, it seems, knows the value of taking a break from its work now and again, just breathing in and out for a minute or two and giving voice to a cackle of amusement.

I can't see either robin or woodpecker for the mist wrapping everything, but the sounds they are making are welcome musical elements in a springtime morning that is all about the nebulous, the wondrous and unseen.


Barbara Rogers said...

I too am surrounded by mist and fog, as the clouds rest in the mountain valley...while we do have rain, and will probably all day. I love the way colors change, becoming more muted but at the same time more intense without sunshine to glare off of them. Green against brown, both of which have become darker, then the splash of white of our dogwoods. The cycle of seasons continues.

christinalfrutiger said...

I love hearing the call of a pileated woodpecker in the fog...it sounds so primeval...alot like hearing a loon call from across a foggy, misty, lake.

Marcie said...

Love the fog. Your photo is beautiful!