Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

Our efforts to honor human differences cannot succeed apart from our effort to honor the buzzing, blooming, bewildering variety of life of earth. All life rises from the same source, and so does all fellow feeling, whether the fellow moves on two legs or four, on scaly bellies or feathered wings. If we care only for human needs, we betray the land; if we care only for the earth and its wild offspring, we betray our own kind. The profusion of creatures and cultures is the most remarkable fact about our planet, and the study and stewardship of that profusion seems to me our fundamental task.
Scott Russell Sanders


Tabor said...

I worry about the diversity. As my recent post on seeds explains, we are on the cusp of an earth revolution.

Pienosole said...

Most apt for today. My heart is aching.