Thursday, December 01, 2016

Thursday Poem - Invocation to the Guardian

You who were with me before I was born,
dark shining on dark,
be with me now.
You who will stay with me after I die,
light traveling on light,
be with me now.

You who are nameless
in the marketplace of ten thousand things,
how shall I call you?
You who are invisible between the stars,
how shall I see you?

You who nurture me with silent wisdom,
speak to me now.
I am listening beyond the sounds of night,
I am looking beyond the sights of the day.
You who fill the infinite void,
travel small on my shoulder now,
show me the way.

Dolores Stewart, from Doors to the Universe
(reprinted with permission)


Barbara Rogers said...

A very calming poem, appropriate for today, loved by me!

Tabor said...

What a beautiful poem. I need to remember this.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

It is typed
and by my bed.
Love this....

Mystic Meandering said...

Wow... Tears... What timing... This will go in my journal today... And I may repost this on my blog sometime this month, if I may? Bows to you dear one... _/\_

Debbie said...

Love this so very much, Cate!! Thank you for sharing.

And just know that I am over here, quietly asking your guardian to watch over and bless you, too, dearest.

Love you,