Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

Through a genuine experience of identifying with all beings, we may come to see our own interest served by conservation, through genuine self-love, love of a widened and deepened self, an ecological self.

When we plant a tree we are planting ourselves. Releasing dolphins back to the wild, we are ourselves returning home. Composting leftovers, we are being reborn as irises and apples. We can "think like a mountain," in Aldo Leopold's words, and we can discover ourselves to be everywhere and in everything, and we can know the activity of the world as not separate from who we are but rather of what we are. The practice of the "nonlocal self" means that when we work for the restoration of the rain forest, we are restoring our"extended self.
Joan Halifax Roshi, The Fruitful Darkness

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Claire said...

The quotes first sentence reminds me of those burial-pods you can buy, when your remains nurture a tree... I'd love one to be my final resting-place :)