Sunday, October 02, 2016

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

As time went by, I realized that the particular place I'd chosen was less important than the fact that I'd chosen a place and focused my life around it. Although the island has taken on great significance for me, it's no more inherently beautiful or meaningful than any other place on earth. What makes a place special is the way it buries itself inside the heart, not whether it's flat or rugged, rich or austere. wet or arid, gentle or harsh, warm or cold, wild or tame. Every place, like every person, is elevated by the love and respect shown toward it, and by the way in which its bounty is received.
Richard Nelson, The Island Within


Beside a babbling brook... said...

Just a thought.... It seems that certain landscapes, areas, etc., resonate more with one person... Than other landscapes, etc. So wouldn't a person be more "at home," in the one with they resonate? Than in one, with which they don't resonate?

But of course, we are not always able to stay, where we love. And have to move elsewhere. Then we need to fully embrace this stated idea/feeling.

Just a thought...

Beautiful photo, as always.

Luna Crone

Tabor said...

I just recently discovered this truth. It takes a long time for truth to sink in.

Kameshwari said...

This post has me thinking about my move from New Mexico to an island in British Columbia.
Today, I will search for this book. It is already speaking to me.