Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Welcoming March

You quaff a fragrant cup on the deck a little after dawn, parka thrown on over a favorite L.L. Bean nightgown, red of course.  A little later, you sit down in front of the computer and visit dear friends here and there, nearby and far away.

You put Mozart (The Magic Flute) on the Bose and hum along as you are making scones and stirring a cauldron of Tuscan vegetable soup.  Always, one ear is turned toward the morning skies, listening for the songs of returning geese, although it will be weeks until you do hear them.

You put a match to a beeswax candle and breathe in its honeyed scent, redolent of last summer. When the sun goes goes down, you will watch from the kitchen window with another fragrant cup in hand and wait for the moon to rise over the trees in the garden, sweet Spencer beside you and leaning companionably against your knee. You breathe gently in and out, make a gassho, (a deep bow) and say "thank you".

Happy March, everyone!


The Furry Gnome said...

I'm a recent follower. I like your style!

christinalfrutiger said...

Happy March! You didn't mention your husband in your day...Hopefully, he is well. Sending good thoughts!

Kiki said...

YES, Happy March to you too.... I'm thinking of you guys out there in the COLD and I'm often wondering how anybody can not only stand but enjoy those long, cold, chilly Canadian winters. But you describe so utterly beautifully your days, walks, life... Thank You for that - Greetings to you and your hubby (and dogs of course!) K

Maggie Emm said...

Happy March to you too!
Just saying the word March makes it feel like spring is coming…x

Debbie said...

Enjoyed reading this ... and joining you ... this morning.

Love you!