Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Ramble - In Here, Out There

The simple truth is that she is a little weary of deep snow and icy cold, and at times, she is even a little tired of the color blue.

It is at times like these that something small or curved or delicately robed in snow shows up and begs rapt and focused attention, glossy bubbles in the creek, ice crystals frosting the evergreens over her head, the shape of a single perfect beech leaf on the trail at her feet, pine cones casting vivid shadows in pools of early morning sunlight.

Just when she decides that she is thoroughly weary of ice and snow and will not sketch another icicle or take a single photo of such things, another winter tableau presents itself to the eye. Small and perfect, complete within itself, it conveys an elemental peace and balance, lowers the blood pressure and stills the breathing, returns her eyes and focus to simplicity and grace and assent.

There are worlds great and small everywhere, worlds within and worlds without, and every one is a wonder to behold and remember and love with her eyes... Surely, she can do this for a little while longer.


Barbara Rogers said...

The end of winter means patience to me. And maybe rag-tags of existence that gives hope for tomorrow as well as sighs that it is still wintertime. I'm with you!

christinalfrutiger said...

What an exquisite photo. winter lasts forever, no spring misses it's turn. :)

sarah said...

Beautiful words, and incredible photo.

Mike McLaren said...

Every moment offers its own peace, and an assenting eye catches even the glint of sun upon the snow that will melt before the patient breath of spring.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Ah yes, me too. February is usually the hardest month but then March comes and I think winter is over and here in wales the lambs are being born but it is still so very cold.