Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

... the roots of all living things are tied together. Deep in the ground of being, they tangle and embrace. This understanding is expressed in the term nonduality. If we look deeply, we find that we do not have a separate self-identity, a self that does not include sun and wind, earth and water, creatures and plants,and one another. We cannot exist without the presence and support of the interconnecting circles of creation, the geosphere, the biosphere, the hydrosphere, the atmosphere, and the sphere of our sun. All are related to us; we depend on each of these spheres for our very existence.
Joan Halifax, The Fruitful Darkness


Laura~Pretty Pix said...

Beautiful post, in word and image!

Barbara Rogers said...

Lovely as always. I answered your comment, but in case you didn't see it, give me an email when you want to talk about shipping pottery, blackmtnbarb AT gmail DOT com (change those words in caps).