Monday, September 07, 2015

And there in the moss...

Wood Frog
(Lithobates sylvaticus or Rana sylvatica)
There, he or she was, clinging to a mossy fallen tree in the woods this past weekend. It was as dark as midnight in the secluded alcove where I discovered the frog, and I would have preferred not to, but I had to use a flash for this capture. I have a lot learn about mosses and lichens, but the tattered and much nibbled leaves in the photo are blue cohosh.
The little amphibian was not impressed, and after a single exposure, it scrambled to cool dark safety under the log it had been perching on. I didn't know the image had turned out until I arrived home later and uploaded it into my computer.

This is probably the closest look I have ever had at a wood frog, and I was entranced by its earthy coloring, the rusty eye mask, and the patterns on its torso and legs. The long delicate fingers and toes were exquisite.

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Pienosole said...

Another amazing creature of nature! :-)