Thursday, March 12, 2015

Poetry Thursday - Blue Heavens

It could make a person dizzy,
those spinning, circling heavens filled
with knots of stars, swirling blue
stars approaching, blue-shadow stars
fading away. It’s a mayhem of reeling,
a scattering blue dust of star clouds
circling the circling centers of spiraling
galaxies wheeling forever toward
no known horizon.
                            Someone, immersed
in the deep beauty of these blue celestials,
could get lost while waiting for hands
to deliver perhaps an orange, perhaps
an apple, scarlet or gold, a sprig of green,
a blossom, pink dogwood, spring plum.

Pattianne Rogers
from Holy Heathen Rhapsody


christinalfrutiger said...

What an exquisite you know what star that is? I saw it last night...

kerrdelune said...

Hi Christina, it was Venus, visible (I think) in the early evening sky all through March.