Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Poem - Winter

WINTER, a sharp bitter day
the robin turns plump against the cold
the sun is weak
silver faded from gold

he is late in his coming and short in his stay
Man, beast, bird and air all purging, all cleansing, earth already
purified awaits the rite of spring
Her bridal gown a virgin snow and frosts in her hair
A snowdrop by the road today bowed gracefully and high upon
the wing up in the sparkling nothingness, a lone bird
began to sing
Can gentle spring be far away?

Tommy Makem


sarah said...

lovely words, beautiful photo.

Jaliya said...

"Can gentle spring be far away?" -- Oh, I hope it's nudging the freeze away. Migratory birds beginning to return to my area ... and we're still in a bitter cold. I heard a songbird or two as I walked today, an hour before sunset ... Wanted to tuck those birds into my coat pockets and bed them down ...