Sunday, January 04, 2015

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

Humans are storytelling creatures. We need story, we need deep mythic happenings, as much as we need food and sun: to set us in our place in the family of things, in a world that lives and breathes and throws us wild tests, to show us the wildernesses and the lakes, the transforming swans, of our own minds. These minds of ours, after all, are themselves wild, shaped directly by our long legacy as hunters, as readers of wind, fir‑tip, animal trail, paw‑mark in mud. We are made for narrative, because narrative is what once led us to food, be it elk, salmonberry or hare; to that sacred communion of one body being eaten by another, literally transformed, and afterward sung to.
Sylvia Linsteadt, Turning Our Fairy Tales Feral Again

Sylvia writes, paints and muses online at The Indigo Vat.

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thewiildmagnola said...

Thought provoking words. Compelling and memorable.

Great photo overlays!