Friday, November 14, 2014

Nine Years On

In the wee hours of Sunday past, time danced backward an hour in the little blue house in the village, and Daylight Saving Time waved goodbye until next year. The week also marked nine straight years of blogging at Beyond the Fields We Know - nine whole years of logging on here in the morning, posting a mediocre (or downright awful) photo or two, and then muttering along for a few paragraphs. An astonishing state of affairs, and it boggles the mind - after all this time, I still can't quite come to terms with my audacity in setting this e-journal up in the first place, let alone doing the blogging thing faithfully for nine years in a row.

These are my vägmärken (or road marks), my morning pages or artist's pages, and they will probably remain pretty much as they are in this shiny new scribbling year.  There may be a scant handful of font and banner tinkerings in the future, but that is about it. I don't foresee any significant changes to this place and I expect life will simply go on as it has been doing so far.

We will continue to meander along at our own pace, watching morning fogs enfold the village and oak leaves raining like honey in the park, tattered birches swaying against the sky, bright moons and night skies alight with winter stars, old Helios going down like a great ball of fire over Dalhousie Lake at the trailing edge of the year. Recent serious health "stuff" notwithstanding, it's grand to be here and all wrapped up in what we like to call simply, "the Great Round".  Every morning, the small adventures of our journeying will continue to make their way here and get spilled out on the computer screen some time around sunrise.  The words of Mary Oliver came to mind as we all pottered along in the fog a few days ago.

The years to come—this is a promise—
will grant you ample time

to try the difficult steps in the empire of thought
where you seek for the shining proofs you think you must have.

But nothing you ever understand will be sweeter, or more binding,
than this deep affinity between your eyes and the world.

Mary Oliver, Excerpt from Terns

She once said that sometimes one only needs to stand where she is to be blessed.  Thank you for journeying along with me this year. You are more precious and wonderful than you can ever know.


Debbie said...

Warmest congratulations!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I open your blog first thing every morning.
Your images are wonderful
and also your words.
You will never know how they help me along my path.
Sometimes I find a book to look up or some new music to order.
Your sharing seems to bring me peace early every morning.
I humbly started writing about my simple life about 8 years ago
mainly for children and grandchildren so they would know me as they might not if I did not write.
Cate, thank you for for your special words and camera.

Pienosole said...

Thank you for these many mornings of sharing your photos and morning pages. They are inspiring. I'm grateful to have found your blog. Looking forward to more :-).

What in the World said...

Thank You Cate, for the many years of Beauty, Peace, Joy and Inspiration your Wonderful blog has given me!

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes...all you photos are beautiful...and most of your posts are inspiring...some educational...and every morning to have a new note from you is such a blessing to me. Thank you from my heart. Barb

Unknown said...

Congratulations Cate, and thank you for your images and words which have helped sustain me over the past few years.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of the inspiration. I look forward to your blog every morning. Dee

Dedri said...

Dear Cate! Your blog has become a beautiful and necessary part of my morning routine. The world is a better place with your photos and words. Through you I have discovered several new poets and writers that have enriched my life. You are a shinning beacon in the dark! Thanks for your wonderful blog!

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Congratulations! For me, I've been right here with you these past six years. Lovely Mary Oliver quote.

Cindy R said...

Every day I am grateful for the gift in my life of your presence in this blog.

Kameshwari said...

Congratulations on these morning pages. Thank you for giving us this space to gather for our respective morning meditations.

This morning, while at Qigong in a room filled with women, I thought deeply of Marilyn, migrating birds and the Juicy Crones.

a gardener said...

Your posts are my touchstone every day. Thank you.

Maggie Emm said...

Such a treat to travel along with you on the Great Round - and nine years is quite a significant revolution! Thank you for sharing your life with us all x

Anonymous said...

Your photos are not awful, as you surely must know. Your blog is a delight.

Tabor said...

Nine years. I sometimes wonder what possessed me to start a blog. I am not a writer or journalist or photographer. But because I can do it anonymously, I most days feel braver than I am.

Kiki said...

Many, many thanks for the surprising views, wonderful photos, delightful words, the unexpected quotes..... every visit (sadly not often enough) is a pure joy and I'm utterly thankful for the privilege of reading your 'notes'. THANK YOU, congratulations for your patience to 'hang on' even though it must be such work. Love, Kiki

Shell said...

Congratulations on nine years, Cate. Your blog is a delight and nourishing to my heart. Many more years to come.

Unknown said...

Each day is a special joy. Hugz