Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Moondancing in My Garden

No, not a song by Van Morrison (as much as I have always enjoyed his music), but something just as amazing...  The first rose of the season is always special, but the colors and textures and the fragrance of this one are something sing and dance about, and quite beyond description.

Seeing a splash of creamy color through the kitchen window yesterday morning a little after sunrise, I put down my mug of tea and ran for the camera, then just sat silently in the wet grass looking at the bloom for some time - it would have been difficult to find anything at all to say.

My Jackson and Perkins floribunda is as radiant and ethereal as its name suggests, and as beautiful as something birthed in the Elysian fields - even its name (Moondance) is perfect.  Who knew, plucking its once and sorry pot from a bargain bin a year or two ago, that it would be such a glorious dweller in my garden?


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

so beautiful
I love roses
by these damp woods
they do not seem
to like..

Pienosole said...

Beautiful! This has also reminded me of how much I love roses.
Happy Tuesday.

Mystic Meandering said...

Exquisite! Deserving of a gasp! :)

Jennifer said...

That one bloom is perfection.

And Moondance is a lovely name!

Rue said...

Roses were the one plant I struggled with early on, and I've never spent much time trying to bring them back into my yard. But this one makes me question my decision. I love how perfectly white this one is. "Moondance" indeed!