Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

I would be the rain itself, wreathing over the island, mingling in the quiet of moist places, filling its pores with its saturated breaths. And I would be the wind, whispering through the tangled woods, running airy fingers over the island's face, tingling in the chill of concealed places, sighing secrets in the dawn. And I would be the light, flinging over the island, covering it with flash and shadow, shining on rocks and pools, softening to a touch in the glow of dusk. If I were the rain and wind and light, I would encircle the island like the sky surrounding earth, flood through it like a heart driven pulse, shine from inside it like a star in flames, burn away to blackness in the closed eyes of its night. There are so many ways I could love this island, if I were the rain.
Richard Nelson, The Island Within


ZackandConner said...

your daily photos and writing gets us through each day. Thank you.
Zack and Conner

kerrdelune said...

Zack and Conner, I have been thinking of you both, and often. Your mother is in my thoughts too - she was a wonderful friend, and I miss her.

thewiildmagnola said...

some words and thoughts find us, and we fall to our knees in gratefulness!


thank you for being there!