Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fog and Morning Trees (for Beltane)

This is the eve of Beltane (or May Day) in the northern hemisphere, the eve of Samhain in lands below the equator - as we in the north drift languidly into springtime, our kindred in the south are moving into autumn.  Ethereal morning fogs are common features at both times of year, and what better image for this morning than mist and trees?.

Wherever you make your home on the hallowed earth, may all good things come to you and your clan at this turning of the wheel in the Great Round of Time.


Maggie Emm said...

- and to you Cate - we had the same mist over here in Somerset this morning! x

Mystic Meandering said...

Delightful photo... Love the myst-ery of it... :) (couldn't resist). As an old Irish/Celtic saying goes: "May nothing but happiness ever get past your door..."