Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Out in the Floating Fog

On the other side of the windows is rain and fog and graceful skeletal trees doing their best to put out leaves, catkins and flowers... 

There was rain in the village overnight, but somewhere in the morning fog is a robin calling for more rain, a woodpecker (probably a pileated from the volume of the hammering) driving his beak into one of the old maples with enthusiasm.  Now again, he (or possibly she) pauses, takes a few deep breaths and gives a wild unfettered laugh that carries for quite  distance.  Even a bird in the fog, it seems, knows the value of taking a break now and again and just breathing in and out.

I can't see either bird for the floating veil of mist over and around everything, but the sounds they are making are welcome musical elements in a springtime morning that is all about the nebulous, the wondrous and unseen.


Rowan said...

We've had a lot of misty mornings recently and heavy rain this morning. The birdsong is always wonderful though.

Tabor said...

We have been promised rain...but it does not look like we will get it, and we need it.