Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday - Saying Yes to the World

Did you turn out the lights for Earth Hour last evening, light a lantern in the snow on your threshold?  Did you float candles in a bowl of water or set them adrift on a nearby river as offerings?  Did you light your world with candles as we all did once upon a time?  Did you read and think and wonder by the light of a fire burning brightly on your hearth?


Kameshwari said...

I was oblivious to the world wide event. I did manage to attend a sound healing program in Berkeley last nights. The lights were low, there were many candles illuminating the directions. The digerido, bells, drums, gongs and voices chanted for earth healings and humans of the earth healings.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! I missed it! I will light the house with candles tonight instead.