Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Dreaming of Spring

It's a February thing methinks...... Standing out here this week, I noticed that day by day, the sky is becoming bluer, at least when it is not shrouded from here to there with stratonimbus snow clouds and fluffy curtains of nebulous winter precipitation.  There is such glorious light on clear days, and it dazzles these old eyes.  The trees sparkle, fences sparkle, snow sparkles - everything sparkles.

The deep drifts around the old barn and lying across the landscape are also blue, and the splendid shadows falling across fields and buildings are beginning to take on springtime sharpness and depth and length.  There are pools of indigo shadow so vivid and intense one could almost dive into them.

In the last week, the chickadee community has switched its winter repertoire to springtime (and courting) songs, and mirabile dictu, I discovered the first precious buds of the coming season on an old maple tree leaning across the trail. All the northern world, it seems, is entertaining thoughts of springtime and warmth at last.  Standing in a waist deep snowdrift, I could do little except lurch about and exclaim, but in my heart, I was dancing, and no mistake.


thewiildmagnola said...

Just read your "I am perfectly enough!". I am holding it close to my heart and mind.

Thank you!

Wyld Oak said...

I noticed the chickadee song as well, and wished so much I could spot a Great Horned Owl amid the trees--it is their breeding season, too. Thank you for keeping watch for signs, collecting the hope for all. :)