Monday, February 10, 2014

Atomies of Wonder

How heartening it was to peer into the lacy fretwork of a grove of young maples in the Lanark woods this week and see buds, lavishly enfolded in ice, but waxing rosy and vibrant in the depths of deep gelid winter.

Bud and branch, tree and thicket, all were vibrant and living entities, and every single nubbin was an atomy - a perfect tiny world replete with infinite greening possibility.  There was more hope in that moment of unfettered astonishment and those minute swaying presences than I have encountered in some time.

A pair of great horned owls is constructing their nest in an old oak in the deep woods, and the Northern Saw-whet is practicing its courting songs.  Wonder of wonders, somewhere beyond these rocky snow clad hills, spring is already on its way. 


Unknown said...

Those are incredible photos. And a beautiful post. Thank you! Inspiration to start my morning!

Pienosole said...

We're more than half-way to spring now. As always, gorgeous photos.

Sara said...

I love detailed your photos are. Beautiful!

Mystic Meandering said...

Incredible photos indeed! Isn't Nature just amazing how it keeps pushing forth for LIFE even in its frozen state... That first photo looks like some kind of "sprite" maybe encasing the bud :)