Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday Poem - Clearing

I am clearing a space
here, where the trees stand back.
I am making a circle so open
the moon will fall in love
and stroke these grasses with her silver.

I am setting stones in the four directions,
stones that have called my name,
from mountaintops and riverbeds, canyons and mesas
Here, I will stand with my hands empty,
mind gaping at the moon.

I know there is another way to live.
When I find it, the angels
will cry out in rapture,
each cell of my body
will be a rose, a star.

If something seized my life tonight,
if a sudden wind swept through me,
changing everything,
I would not resist.
I am ready for whatever comes.

But I think it will be
something small, an animal
padding out of the shadows,
or a word spoken so softly
I hear it inside.

It is dark out here, and cold.
The moon is stone.
I am alone with my longing.
Nothing is happening
but the next breath, and the next.

Morgan Farley


Kameshwari said...

Beautiful poem and image. The last line had me drop into my breath to be clearing.

christinalfrutiger said...

What a beautiful can almost hear the quiet...

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful!

Mystic Meandering said...

So Beautiful! Yes, "I know there is another way to live"!

Sky said...

words of acceptance, peaceful and quiet.