Sunday, November 10, 2013

Snow At the Edge of the Woods

It wasn't the first snow of the season - that fell a few days ago and melted even as it was falling.  Yesterday's snow tumbled to earth in swirling clouds and coated everything it encountered with gorgeous sparkling white crystals.

We stood at the edge of our woods in Lanark just watching and listening, and we were completely caught up in the wonder of the moment. The snow was - well, let's simply say that the scent was ambrosial, and the flakes tasted like pure enchantment on the tongue. Can there be anything more magical and engaging than the sound of snow falling on early winter fields and among old trees?

This morning before dawn, I brewed a mug of espresso and peered through the kitchen window.  Mirabile dictu, the garden behind the little blue house in the village was still cloaked in white, and it made me smile.


Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks again for letting me walk in your woods with you in the falling snow!

Wyld Oak said...

Magical, indeed. That is a whispering, pattering sound I know well, smelling of freshness and icicles.

niffy said...

"Can there be anything more magical and engaging than the sound of snow falling on fields and among old trees?"

Oh, I close my eyes and listen. And in my childhood memories I hear the absolute peace and calm of the snow falling: the cold tip of my nose, my breath on the air, and the *crunch crunch* under my feet as I walk through virgin diamond snow.

Yes, truly magical. Thank you for sharing.

Mystic Meandering said...

Pure enchantment indeed! The magic of snow falling. I love the smell of snow. What grace... Smiling with you :)

Lynn said...

Nice to see your smiling across the miles, Cate. I equate falling snow with silence. The sound that startles me each year is that sound of leaves falling . . . . it too is magical. It’s like all the trees let go of their leaves at once. I look for raindrops and it takes me a minute to realize, oh it’s that time again. Peaceful Sunday.

Tabor said...

The wonder of the blogging world is that I get to experience a first snow many times!