Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Happy, happy October

On this first day of my favorite month of the year, leaves are turning by the thousands, and they seem to be changing as we watch them on our morning walks. Then there is wind...  Winds from the four corners of the earth and sky make their gusty presence known in October, but the north wind most of all.

A brisk wind from the north moves across the hills and valleys in whirling spirals, careens through hedgerows, trails a hand across the river and sends ripples circling outward.  When the ripples reach the shore, they gather fallen leaves and twigs into little pools and eddies, and most of the leaves and twigs they gather are willow. 

Between gusts, we stand here looking up into the old tree.  It rains golden leaves like butterflies into the blue sky, and we would be happy to perch here with it forever.  Three cheers for the October!!! (and three exclamation marks too).


Pienosole said...

More beautiful photos! Happy October to you as well :-).

Rue said...

A very lovely October to you!