Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little Sisters, Soon Departed

Common Eastern Bumblebee (Bombus impatiens)
This weekend's visitors to the asters, the goldenrod and the clover are probably the last "bumbles" of the season.

Temperatures here have plummeted in recent days, and the furnace has been turning itself on in the wee hours of the morning. Putting one's bare feet down on the wooden floor at sunrise is definitely an awakening experience.

When I visit the garden in the early hours of the day, our bumble girls are clinging patiently to the late blooms and foliage, so cold and stiff that they are unable to move, at least until sunlight lights on their windblown lodgings and warms their dear little fuzzy bodies.  We are definitely on our way into the long, dark and cold times at the end of the calendar, and heavy frosts are on their way - our honeyed days are almost over for another splendid year.

To all the little sisters who came to the garden this summer, our heartfelt thanks for your companionship. May the Melissa, goddess of the bees, grant you rest and sweet enchantment, nectar and light, everlasting sunshine and buzzing flight in the green and flowered fields beyond the ones we know.


Tabor said...

It seems to me to be happening so fast because I was on travel in another climate.

Rain Trueax said...

Here it's still warm but I feel it in the air also. The bees are busy and your post made me wonder, do bumblebees make it through the winter somewhere safe and secure?

Rain Trueax said...

I had to go looking and found this bumblebee life cycle. It's funny how we see them and take them for granted. It takes something like this for me to look as I've done with dragonflies, butterflies and praying mantises. I love bumblebees but kind of thought they'd be like the honeybees-- obviously not. I always love to see them for their beauty

Debbie said...

Smiling warmly your way, dear Cate, as I join in your blessing for your sweet bumbles.

niffy said...

Oh yes, our temperatures have plummeted. Short of the freak heat & humidity wave last week where temperatures reached 40C, indeed the wheel is turning. And as I hug my cup of tea, covered by my throw blanket, I, too, thank the bumbles for all their hard work this year.

Guy said...

Hi cate

A lovely photo and a lovely thank you.


Wyld Oak said...

Oh, how beautiful and moving. Thank you.