Wednesday, May 01, 2013

In the Merry Beltane Woods

 Dutchman's Breeches
(Dicentra cucullaria)

One can barely see them at such a reduced photo size, but draped along the stem and flowers in the second image are the first strands of spider silk found this season on the Two Hundred Acre Wood.  Given that nights are still cool, perhaps the spiders are wearing warm coats and woolen gloves.  I have to applaud their determination to get out there and spin in such brisk weatherly conditions.

The feathery gray-green foliage and nodding white flowers like upside-down pantaloons are enchanting all by themselves, and the dancing filaments of spider silk held my attention for some time too with their gossamer shimmer and floating windblown motion.  There were  lavish clumps of Dicentra cucullaria blooming several feet up a nearby warmed vertical rock face, and I considered (briefly) either climbing up or dangling from the top, but decided to avoid such assuredly risky pursuits and shoot from right where I was standing.

The woods are slow to leaf out and bloom this year, but these images are perfect for a northern Beltane or May Day methinks - they need no description from this doddering photographer and occasional wordsmith, although I have done just that this morning and described them.

A very happy Beltane (or May Day) to each and every one of you...

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Guy said...

Hi Cate

I always enjoy seeing the photographs people post of their wild flowers.

Thanks for this.