Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Lesson in Transience

You can see the old crabapple in full frowsy bloom from the kitchen window as you are sipping your morning Darjeeling, and you resolve to capture it with the Pentax when breakfast is over and the dishes have been washed up and put away.

Along comes a cold north wind while you are turned away from the window and intent on completing your chores.

When you trot out to the garden and stand by the fence looking up, only a few minutes later, there are just a few flowers left on a single dancing branch, but oh how artfully the grass is spattered with fragrant fallen crabapple petals. 


Carolyn H said...

I nearly always carry a camera with me, to try and hold moments of amazing sightings. Some things are so transient that they are gone even by the time I raise my camera. They live only in my memory--fragile thing that it is.

Sara said...

The flowers fall, but then a miracle happens... an apple grows. Isn't nature devine.