Sunday, April 14, 2013

When Life hands you lemons...

The whys and wherefores of hearts being opened is mysterious
and momentous, giving shape to whole lifetimes.
Edward Espe Brown
Knowing that the month of April is always something of a cusp this far north, a creaking hinge between (and among) the seasons, we try to be ready for quicksilver change, but the views beyond the windows are sometimes a surprise nevertheless. We have been caught napping this week, taken by night, by stealth, by storms and puckish seasonal artifice.

We opened our eyes to falling snow now and again, and it seems there is more to come today, perhaps a reminder from the Old Wild Mother that whatever the works of man (or woman), She still has carriage of the Great Round of time and the seasons.

In a flash of optimism, we invited the family to an outdoor barbecue this weekend, and by golly, we are doing it anyway, but we are doing it indoors in our snug kitchen with its pots and herbs and bowls, the kitchen Buddhas keeping a mindful eye on our efforts and smiling. As small as the kitchen is, guests prefer being there with their welcoming glasses of Prosecco rather than anywhere else when we are doing our culinary thing.

The mindful activity of this morning is stirring up, kneading and baking hamburger buns for a much loved son-in-law who adores burgers but has serious food allergies and can't consume commercial or supermarket stuff.  The feel of the organic flour under my hands and the dough as I knead it is silky and sumptuous, the aroma of baking bread sublime.  The path to enlightenment is a curious thing.


Pienosole said...

Reading this post has made me smile and share a bit in your delight in the preparation for your barbecue. Enjoy!

Marcie said...

It is about the company and the food, so having your "barbecue" indoors will not matter at all. Wish I was there to smell the bread baking! Enjoy!

Kameshwari said...

The burger bun is beautiful! Did you use a recipe from Tassajara Bread?

kerrdelune said...

Yes, I do use a recipe from the Tassajara - I just love that book, and all Ed Brown's recipe books have a permanent place of honor in my kitchen!

Mystic Meandering said...

Talk of kitchen Buddhas, baked bread, and the mystery of enlightenment has also made my heart smile, and stimulated those delicious desires and cravings for more :) What can I say... I'm a "hungry ghost." lol
Have a wonderful gathering!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Memories of my bread baking in the past - thank you.
The aroma has drifted many
miles to my cottage by the woods.
Enjoy this time with loved ones :)