Sunday, April 07, 2013

Rendered Jubilant by Purple

It will be several days before my own crocus bulbs pop into view and do their vibrant blooming thing in the garden behind the little blue house in the village, but I am always cheered and stirred and rendered jubilant by the earlier appearance of these exquisite purples in the sunny protected alcove of a friend's front yard.  My friend is German, and these bulbs came from the village where she was born and grew up.

Everything about these gorgeous creatures says springtime, from their striped leaves and gently nodding heads to their jazzy petals and luminous hearts. After a long dark winter that seemed at times to be endless, (or in popular British parlance downright "chronic"), the little purple wonders made me feel like dancing. They seem to be made of light, and they rock - they absolutely rock.

Hallelujah, it looks as though Lady Spring is on her way at last, and wonder of wonders, She sent an early gift on ahead to dazzle our eyes and warm our winter weary bones.  There is (of course) a goddess named Iris, but methinks there ought to be a goddess named "Crocus" too.


Jennifer said...

How beautiful those flowers are!

Last night on a stroll around my neighborhood I stopped to sniff a cascade of wisteria growing on a neighbor's hedge, and I thought, "This is what the color purple smells like." Trees are heavily laden with it this time of year in my part of the world, and fills the air with it's sweet purple scent.

Guy said...


Seeing these photos I am now really ready for Spring.
But it is foggy and snowing here, sigh.