Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Ramble - Odyssey

Odyssey: (a) an epic poem by the Greek poet Homer describing the exploits of the mythical hero Odysseus as he attempted to return home after the Trojan wars; (b) a long interval of wandering and adventures filled with trials, tribulations and insights; (c) a long voyage; (d) a vision quest or quest of the spirit; (e) the journey to enlightenment.

It's the long walk we are all taking together through the world in this lifetime and many others - a walk which began light years ago when the sparkly stuff of which we are composed danced its way into existence on a faraway star. It's a meandering road of steep climbs, windblown steppes and slippery descents, chock-a-block with twistings and turnings.  There are gauntlets and testings aplenty along the way, but now and then there are kindred spirits to walk along with and fine conversations, surprises waiting around every bend. There are gifts and serendipity experiences, all kinds of them, and there are stunning vistas to be seen from the high places we encounter along the way

The road is bounded (for the most part) by hedgerows, old trees and quiet waters.  It makes its slow way through heights and valleys, spinneys and clearings, lakes and rivers, sunlit fields and orchid bogs. Early morning light at the lake is entrancing, and sunsets there are amazing too.  Maybe, just maybe, there is enlightenment waiting somewhere up ahead on the trail. For now, I am content with moments of fey insight and shy wild knowings. In the words of J.R.R. Tolkien, "the road goes ever on and on. . ."

Springtime glosses and brightens the world, makes all things new.  I awakened to rain this morning, somewhat fuzzy of mind and still moored in a splendid night's ramblings. Beyond the windows, there is a fine grey fog, and umbrellas are blooming like peonies in the street - my lens "sees" the moving headlights out there as coins of silvery bokeh.  In the night's potterings, there were clouds and mountains and exotic sunrises by the handful, a brisk sea wind in my sails, the sound of canvas and creaking ropes, the clear sense of wild journeys and fine adventures waiting somewhere up ahead. It's all good.

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Wyld Oak said...

A lovely description of our journey through life and possibly through the afterlife, if there is one...I find the story of The Odyssey so moving. I wish I could remember my nighttime ramblings, I feel the need to roam far and wide beside those orchid bogs and spineys.