Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Those in Boston

It isn't that I was tuning out yesterday's tragic events in Boston when I wrote my previous post - it is simply that there are dire and bloodthirsty doings that one cannot wrap her mind around.  Yesterday's bombing in Boston was one.
I think of the precious lives lost and the injuries suffered, and I am sickened, just sickened.  Light candles and say prayers for those who died and their families, send love and healing energies and good thoughts to those who were injured, reach out to their families too.


Tabor said...

I did not write about it either, because there was nothing I could write at the time that would be worth reading.

Cindy said...

I have been on a hiatus from writing anything new on my blog for the last six months, or so. Life got busy, and that's a good thing! But, coming back to center, and being personally touched my the bombings in Boston, I need to start writing again. I shall gather my thoughts, and begin again.

Kiki said...

Just back from abroad - and although I have no direct friends in the Boston area my heart breaks for this senseless action's victims and families.... I also think that your photo is SO beautiful that my heart is breaking again - hope the people who got killed DID see the light of heaven the moment before they lost their life. Thank You