Monday, April 22, 2013

Purple For Earth Day

An offering to the Old Wild Mother (Mother Earth, Gaia) on her own special day... The blooms are rooted of course - I could never bring myself to pick a tulip, no matter how many are flowering, but I have the feeling that Mama prefers her botanical offerings unpicked and in their home settings anyway.

Our northern tulips are slow in flowering this year, and this is a pot of happy purples blooming in a sunny southern window and lighting up the whole room with their texture, their vivid color and their fragrance. It always seems to me that in their flowing contours and vibrant hues, tulips express the grace and grandeur and elemental wildness of the world eloquently, and so they make a fine offering to the gracious island in the cosmic sea where we all live and breathe and move around.

With a home as magnificent as the one we have, why are we, as a species, so intent on mucking things up and turning the whole planet into a vast rubbish heap?  I wish I knew.  It is time to relinquish our isolation, acknowledge our kinship with the earth and (in the words of Joanna Macy) come home to our vast, true nature.

This is for you Mama, with my love and deep gratitude.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful, words and pictures. We have sunshine here today, a gift for the day and for the earth in this spot.

Guy said...

Hi Cate

I must say our pasion for destruction leaves me numb. Your shots of the tulips are wonderful.