Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Ramble before Yule

In the short dark days before Yule, I always consider writing a pre-solstice meditation.  It's been a time of stillness and reflection for me ever since I can remember (and that is a very long time indeed), but so many others have written about it beautifully online, and done so with more grace and eloquence than I shall ever be able to summon up.  There will (of course) be handfuls of stray seasonal thoughts here in the coming days, perhaps a few more links and a rambling discourse on December 21.  How can we not be glad to welcome back the light of the Sun and spend precious time with tribe and kindred spirits by the fire?


Spend a few hours with Waverly Fitzgerald at Living in Season. I have been visiting her for years now - her site is chock full of timeless wisdom, seasonal lore, holiday traditions and wonderful treats for ourselves and others. Pay a visit to Dr. Kathleen Jenks at Mything Links and acquaint yourself with reams of Yule mythology and folklore.

Gifting Ourselves and Others

Spend an hour or two with Kim Antieau and read about her thoughtful journey through the world.  Several of her novels are in print, and they may be purchased through Kim's site.

Visit my mermaid sister Joanna Powell-Colbert at the Gaian Soul, and feast your eyes on her beautiful Gaian Tarot, which was published by Llewellyn Press in September 2011.  I love my own copy, and can't recommend the deck highly enough. If you are considering throwing a Yule or Lucia celebration, visit Joanna at Lucia Party Secrets as well.

I always  read the The Divine Circle of Ladies" series by Dolores Stewart Riccio again at this time of year.  Bellowing Ark Press has published two volumes of her poetry, and it is gorgeous stuff indeed.

Lunaea Weatherstone has handcrafted goddess rosary creations, and there are lovelies in her shop to choose from. The only reason I don't have one is that I've never been able to decide which I liked best.
Spend some time with Terri St. Cloud at Bone Sigh Arts and visit Elizabeth MacLeod at Wild Woman Enchanted.  Feel free to visit me at The KerrdeLune Design Works and my Cafe Press shop and see what I have been up to.


Kameshwari said...

an amazing thing happened today. I've been looking for a certain Hestia photo, one that caught my interest in the past. I've also been looking at the possible purchase of a handmade mala, instead of the traditional malas that are available for Sanskrit Mantra practice. When I followed the link to Lunaea Weatherstone goddess rosary creations, I found the perfect gift for myself. Without hesitation, I ordered the Circle of Magic Rosary necklace.

It is being delivered via Priority mail. There is a big chance that it will arrive for the Solstice Long Dance.

Kameshwari said...

Another amazing event occurred today: the Circle of Magic Rosary necklace that was ordered on Friday, arrived today. It is a wonderful piece, perfect as a Solstice gift to self.

Thank you for including Lunaea Weatherstone goddess rosary creations in the "Friday Ramble before Yule."

kerrdelune said...

Kameshwari, so glad you like Lunaea's creations, and that your rosary necklace pleases you! She does make beautiful things.